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Keep Them in The Wild is a program that has developed to address issues surrounding wild herds in the wild, and specifically designed to create the sane, safe, and fair management of wild horses and burros on public land. This program has specific objectives for engaging the public in current aspects of management on the range.

One example of an issue Keep Them in the Wild will address is the issue of Range vs. Herd Management Area definition and designations under federal laws and regulations.

Some of the other activities of Keep Them in the Wild include:

  • collecting all available information on all wild horse and burro areas
  • attending meetings and making public comment
  • doing field research on conditions on the range
  • investigating and promoting best in field management options

Wild Horse Education (WHE) is currently exploring these, and other options, as part of a new program we are developing, which we are calling Keep Them in The Wild,  (You can get the bumper sticker above by going to our website at We are going to pursue the alternatives available to the public for keeping our wild herds on the range. We will be researching all the alternatives to the current management practices on the range and making recommendations or taking other actions, as required.

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