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New Mexico HA Map

New Mexico HA Map

Information on the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) wild horse and burro management in the State of New Mexico. Information is from public information sources and, can include, unique research and field observations made by Wild Horse Education Voluteers.

Terms in charts

HA- Herd Area, Arbitrary areas defined in 1971 by BLM, without regard to seasonal herd movement,  where wild herds were observed. Officially “zeroed out” there could still be wild herds in these areas.

HMA- Herd Management Area- Areas designated for management of wild herds. There were 303 HMAs; now there are less than 180, and of those 70% have populations that are no longer genetically viable.

Wild Horse Education’s BLM  ”glossary” HERE

These is the latest available stat sheets for the State of New Mexico.

New Mexico

New Mexico Summary

New Mexico HA summary

New Mexico HA summary


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