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Current Keep Them in The Wild Volunteers:

Connie J. Cunningham – Connie is monitoring the status of HMAs in several states and did the base research for the following states: Oregon, Montana, California, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Utah

Susan Nobel – Susan is monitoring the status of burros nationwide and has done the base research for Arizona

Peter Gonzales – Peter is doing research on HMAs in California

Marta Williams – Marta is working with Peter to monitor information for HMAs in California

Laura Leigh – Contributing information re the State of Nevada.

To volunteer to participate in this program you can live ANYWHERE. All you need is a passion to find solutions, a willingness to work in the group and a minimum of 4 hours a week to devote to the project.

CONTACT: Marta Williams, Wild Horse Education VP at: WHE.Action@gmail.com

“It is up to us to create the tools we need for changes to protect our beloved wild horses and burros. Together we can do it!” ~ Laura Leigh, President Wild Horse Education

And if you can’t volunteer you can still help!

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And we do need donations to keep ALL of the work we do at Wild Horse Education going!

Hold Your Wild Horses! how did it get so bad? from Laura Leigh on Vimeo.




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